About us

We ensure  footballers can get the most out of their careers. We have a global network, which enables us to offer football players more options. However, we do more, we offer full support and guidance. Contracts, insurances, finances and mortgages are not really matters that arouse the interest of a football player, who wants to focus completely on football. Nevertheless, it’s very important these matters are well organized. We’re glad to take this work out of their hands, so the player can perform optimally. We are their first point of contact for all of their businesses, not only on the field of sport, but also outside. That’s why it’s very important to build a good relationship. Guidance is key for a football player to achieve his ultimate goal.

Ryan Sardjoe


The World Cup ’86 in Mexico infected Ryan with the football virus, the biggest reason for this: Diego Armando Maradona. He watched live on television how the small left footed artist led Argentina to the world title. This was the beginning of his interest in football and also the reason to play football himself.  After he graduated and received his VWO diploma, Ryan chose to study business  at the UvA (University of Amsterdam) and in the meanwhile he also started an IT company with his father. The interest for football never left and when he had the opportunity  to become a player manager for an Asian company called Offside Sports Management, he had to take it. After a while he wanted to focus more on European football and in 2012 he chose to work  for Team-Play, a  Swiss sports agency. However, when this company was taken over by a German company in 2014 , Ryan decided  it was time for his own players representation company. With his knowledge, experience and network, he is convinced that he may be of value to (young) players. Ryan is a born entrepreneur and his creativity is outstanding, he creates solutions and opportunities that no one sees.

Jesse van Gompel


Already at an early age Jesse had different experiences with sports.  He was scouted by various clubs  (football / futsal) and played for the representative national youth teams (Futsal). His father, who was a volleyball coach on a high European level, often took him to training and games. Thus, sport  continued to play a part in his life. This was also the main reason for studying sports management and sports psychology. In addition, Jesse has acquired practical experience at an intermediary company that represented several Dutch football players. At this company he has assisted in both national and international transfers. This period has provided the necessary experience and has also enabled him to build a network.  Jesse is characterized by his perseverance and determination. The personal approach of players is very important to him. This commitment and his principles fully match the core values ​​of the company: honesty, integrity and transparency.