True Value Sports Management wants to manifest and position itself in a unique way. The main reason for players to choose True Value Sports Managemen, is without doubt the individual involvement of our intermediaries: Ryan Sardjoe and Jesse van Gompel. They will draft an ambitious but realistic career plan always in consultation with the player and his parents. The aspects they take into account are the ambitions and expectations of the player and not to mention the feasibility of this. In drawing up this plan, honesty, integrity and transparency are the most important conditions for making the best choices. The player’s development is at all times priority number one  and while the financial aspects are definitely important, our core values will always be decisive.


Talent is just one of the conditions to reach the top. The other conditions are work ethic and guidance of the player. Through our knowledge and experience we try to create the optimal conditions, so the player can totally focus on football. Accordingly, personal guidance and coaching play a crucial role in further developing talent. True Value Sports Management stands for positivity and we gladly pass this to our players. We think of the solution, not the problem.  Twenty-four seven we stand ready to help and support our players. Obviously, in the case of youth players, guidance will always be in consultation with the parents. Each player is unique and requires a different approach, but with our knowledge, experience and creativity we will always find the most appropriate solution. Due to our strong network, we are always able to offer the player alternatives when the situation calls for it.