Career Planning

A player needs a good career planning to achieve the ultimate goal. Therefore, we will analyze the current situation and will also draw up a thorough roadmap, which we will evaluate periodically. A career consists of making decisions. We will guide the player in the decision-making process, but the player will have to make the ultimate decision..

Contract Negotiations & Transfer Mediation

Due to our network and our market knowledge, we are able to book the best results for our players regarding  contracts and transfers.

Legal support

We work with a reputable law firm specialized in different jurisdictions, our players can use their services at all times

Mental & Physical  support

We think both physical and mental support are important. Therefore, we have collaborations with experts in these areas. At various training centers our players can train to develop physically  or recover from injury. If the situation demands, the player will also get mental support.

Additional Technical Support

We offer our players the opportunity to improve technically. When players want to improve technically, they can get additional technical training at Wooter Academy.

Tax support

To relieve the players of their tax matters, we collaborate with Vodegel & Vodegel. This company will provide total tax guidance: from tax returns to tax advice.

Financial planning

In order to keep everything financially in order and to prevent unpleasant surprises, we will also collaborate with Heuveling Adviesgroep. They will support and advise the players in the financial field, this includes mortgages and insurance.


Off the pitch the players are often the showcase for various brands. We will therefore negotiate on behalf of the players with sponsors, to be sure they receive a market-based reward.